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What is AMC?

Every service based industry provides service to their customer to retain them by taking AMC. AMC stands for Annual maintenance contract where the company charges some amount from their customer for specified product for a fixed period of time and fixed services.


AMC Management software is a part of service management software which apart from taking care of annual maintenance contract also takes care of complaint management, complaint tracking, warranty management, spare parts management and tracking which is a very important aspect of customer relationship management. AMC is short form of Annual Maintenance Contract which is an agreement between the customer and the manufacturer as regards to the maintenance of product, that customer has.

Definition of AMC

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a chargeable agreement between a client and the vendor in regards to the maintenance of the product(s)

The Purpose of AMC

Why did AMC Develop?

Your business is unique.
Readymade AMC software might not meet all your specific business requirements, so developing a tailor made AMC software solution for your organization will eliminate the risk of non compatibility of the software with the system.

What does AMC Involve?

Strategically significant

Easy Customer Management, Manage AMC, PMC, Per Call, Complaints, Complaints Schedule, Maintain Call History, Complaints Schedule, Easy Customer Management, Manage your Service Call Reminder efficiently, manage all your Maintenance Contract for your products, manage all your Customer Complaints and Schedule it.

Information Technology and AMC
Information Technology and AMC example
Face to Face AMC
Benefits of AMC

PMS Visit Scheduling
PMS stand for Preventive Maintenance Schedule. All AMC contract signed with some free PMS visit for regular maintenance of the product purchased by the customer. AMC management software sort the details of all PMS and display the notifications at dashboard for instant action of service engineers.

PMS Checklist
To enhance the support quality, you can manage multiple checklists for all PMS visits with pre-defined activities in AMC management software. These checklists help the engineer to complete all activities at every PMS visit to ensure delivering quality of service.

AMC Time Period
You can simply fill AMC time period like AMC starts and end dates, for all the product and accessories at the time of installation. AMC management software dashboard display you all the AMC due reminders for quick action.

AMC Pending Notification
By the help of AMC Management Software, the service managers can track down those AMC’s which are near to expiration within next 30 days, since it would be highlighted on home screen

Product Details
When you are generating AMC for any product, it is mandate to have Product Principal’s name & Product serial number. AMC management software gives this convenience to after sales support team to make a track of all required details in regards to the Product & its principal on one single platform.

Machine Site Details
By the help of AMC Management software, the company can easily track the difference between the billing address of the customer & the site address, where machine has originally has been installed.

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