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Inventory Management

Account Management

Sales Management

Service Management

Geo Location Tracking Management

Target & Performance Management

Travelling & Expenses Management

Leave & Payroll Management

Employee Self Service

Mobile Application & Service Employee

Feature according to module respectively.
Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Transfers – a picking ticket is created for transfers between distribution centers, freight can be added to the transaction prior to posting so that the receiving center receives the items at a landed cost, and the option to fulfill customer backorders in the receiving center
  • Lot wise tracking of inventory
  • Material requisition from different requirement area.
  • Multiple warehouses – a separate inventory for each item can be maintained at any number of geographical locations Physical Verification of Stock
  • Maintain a Item Master File for the company.
  • Dynamic Multiple Reports
Account Management
Detailed transaction accounting for
  • Purchases
  • Sales, dividends
  • Interest, expenses
  • Universal stock split/dividend
  • Spin-off and mergers, tender/exchanges
  • Return of capital
  • Dividend reinvestment plans (Drips)
  • Security transfers, short sales
Reports summarizing your investments
  • Current holdings
  • Unrealized gains/losses
  • Sold positions & realized gains/losses (tax filing)
  • Income received (tax filing)
  • Commissions paid
  • Security allocation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Portfolio cash flow projections
  • Tax basis
  • Performance measurements
  • Asset maturity schedule
  • Transactions ledger
Sales Management
  • Customer Information System: Functional, Flexible & Workflow Capabilities.
  • Sales Order Management: Manage your order from multiple channels.
  • Every sales detail pertaining to the sales representative, Regional/territory wise.
  • Sales Report management
  • Track sales incentives, commissions, etc. to generate special report
  • Accurate Tax Calculation
  • To analyze sales details and check a more futuristic plan, you can get Zone-wise, customer-wise or sale representative-wise reports, as required.
  • Track a Top 10 Customer that constitute majority of your business.
  • Keep a close watch on your top 20 items/ Product in highlight.
  • Smart options to record everything - inquiries, prices, terms, quotations and orders.
  • Complete control on order backlogs, delivery issues, return cases, etc
Sales Reports
  • Scheduled Sales Services List of services scheduled against each sale
  • Sales By Customer Get the list of sales by customer
  • Sales By Status Report Find the sales by status like Open, Converted to AMC etc
  • Advanced Search Sales Search sales by customer, date range, status and bill number
  • Open Sales Order List of open sales orders
  • Pending Sales Order List of Pending sales orders
  • View Sales Service Get list of all the services of all sales
Service Management
  • Track and analyze sales and marketing calls under one system.
  • Generate Service Ticket Automatically.
  • Enable your field executives to act every time when there is a need through GEO Location Track.
  • Automatic Performa Invoice Report Generation
  • Automatic Agreement Report Generation.
  • Automatically Track Schedule AMC Services.
  • AMC/Service Reminder
  • Track Client History
  • Graphical & Non-Graphical Summary of Complaint
Service Reports
  • AMC by Client Find AMC list by client
  • AMC By Type Search AMC by amc type like comprehensive and non-comprehensive
  • AMC by Status Find AMC by Status
  • Advanced Search AMC Search amc by client, amc date, amc type etc.
  • AMC Service by Client Find the list of amc service by client
  • AMC Service By Status Find the list of amc service by status
  • AMC Service By AMC Get the list of services for a particular amc
  • Advanced Search Amc Service Search amc service by client, amc code, status, assigned to etc.
  • Scheduled Amc Services List of Scheduled Amc Services
Complaint Reports
  • Open Complaint Get all open complaints
  • Complaint By Client Find complaints by client
  • Complaint By Engineer Get list of complaints by engineer
  • Complaint by Type Find list of complaints by complaint type
  • Complaint By Status Search complaint by status
  • Complaint By Chargeable Filter which complaints are chargeable and which complaints are non-chargeable
  • Advance Search - Complaint Search complaint by client, complaint date, status etc.
Geo Location Tracking Management
  • Track exactly employee location.
  • Assign work to closest employee
  • Geographically reach of product and Client
  • Online Ordering.
  • Automatically capture entry time along with duration of meeting.
Target & Performance Management
  • Set Yearly Target/Goal and break monthly wise feature.
  • Performance Appraisals.
  • Dynamic report to track Performance.
Travelling & Expense Management
  • Employee Claim Expenses from online
  • Generation of expenses
Leave & Payroll Management
  • Attendance Capturing.
  • Apply leave for URL and Mobile Application
  • Leave ledger Maintenance.
  • Shift & Roster Scheduling.
  • Payroll Processing.
  • Salary Statement Generation.
  • Salary Slip Generation.

Employee Self Service Portal
Mobile Application for Sales & Service Employee

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