Employee Data Management

Manage all your HR administrative actions from a central location. Search employees, set favourites, view organisation trees and analyze attrition reports - all from a single dashboard.

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employee management

Vacation and Sick Leave Management

Maintain all records of the due vacations and manage leaves taken by your employees and update them in the system simultaneously with no hassles.

employee management

Resume and Training Records Management

Gather all information regaring resumes and training completions of your employees and keep them at one secure place together with complete details.

employee management

Certifications and Awards Management

Keep your system updated about all the certifications and awards attained by your employees in due course of time and thus track their achievements.

employee management

Job History Information Management

Do not lose any important information about your employees such as their job and work history by maintaining specific records under different names.

employee data management

Maintain Complete Database

The database records all employee information and you can review it by name list, phone list, or department lists.

Create HR Payroll Reports and Provide Benefits to your Employees

HRMS enables you to maintain employee general information, photo, note attachment files, medical information, tax information, monthly timesheet, payroll reports (based on the tax information and timesheet), and medical insurance and emergency contacts.

You can output your employee data and payroll data to Microsoft® Excel® file and PDF file as well.

Employee Late Punch In and Scheduling

It is time for you to modernize your work environment and do things differently ! Create login accounts for all your employees on ESS portal and provide them with best facilities.

One - Go - To - Place !
Record your employees' attendance through mobile application and biometrics machine. Give your employees a place to edit their personal information and details conveniently.
On the self service portal, employees can view their updated salary details anytime. They can also aplly for leave, check their overtime and personal movements on the portal itself.



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