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Lens In Pocket

Lens In Pocket is a CRM tool that administers everyday function in the photography line of business. It is quick, convenient and accessible at any point by all- management, staff and client.

It enablesphotography professionals to manage their projects, save time and money to focus on achieving business growth in the most effective manner Connect with us to make your business journey as beautiful as your photographs.

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Lens In Pocket Benefits

  • Lead Control Made Easy

    Lens In Pocket efficiently organizes your leads and keep a track and informs you about the effective sources of lead generation and their ratio to the conversions.
  • Client Communication Without Pause!

    Communication is the key for any business. Client engagement through Lens In Pocket is extremely easy. It provides push notifications, WhatsApp integration and more.

  • Task Assignment With Zero-Error.

    Plan and schedule all your task right from booking to delivery. Book calendar and get it verified from client effortlessly.

  • Manage Assets & Employee

    Manage your workforce effectively by tracking & evaluating employee development. Also maintain your valuable assets.

  • Easy Account Management

    Manage your Quotation, Sales Invoice, Contact Invoice, Payment Receipt Payment terms, Balance Ledger, Payment History, and Payment Due Management under one panel

  • Customer Support On The Go!

    Comfort your clients with 24X7support system. Strong customer support system and live chat messenger to handle enquiries and complaints to provide solutions on the go.

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No Hidden Charges

New features are released to all subscribers with no extra cost. Our subscription plan is a onetime fee and can be customized according to your requirements. Plans are available on monthly or yearly basis.

lens in pocket

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