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Smart and efficient inventory management software perfect for your organisation.

Built with knowledge collected, our inventory systems come out of the box ready to improve the way you do business.

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Eliminate manual inventory management by using our highly customised software solutions according to your needs. We are here to resolve every possible issue you face while managing your inventory.


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Managing Your Inventory

Enjoy quick and accurate inventory cycle counts, eliminate stockouts and write-offs, and maintain full inventory control with our inventory management software solution.

Our inventory management includes various features like handling warehouse transfers where a picking ticket is created for transfers between distribution centers, freight can be added to the transaction prior to posting so that the receiving center receives the items at a landed cost, and the option to fulfill customer backorders in the receiving center. Some of the more features are :

  • Lot wise and Product wise tracking of inventory
  • Generate Purchase/Sales Bill
  • Automatic Purchase Order Creation
  • Material requisition from different requirement areas
  • Dynamic and Multiple Reports
  • Item Master File for the company, etc.

A whole lot of functionality

Sales Management

Maintain a complete customer information system with functional, flexible & workflow capabilities. Also, fetch every sales detail pertaining to the sales representative regional/territory or product wise .

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Sales Order Management

Manage your order from multiple channels with an expertised and automated management system.

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Sales Report management

Create and maintain dynamic reports that include and display all information regarding the sales done yet and all the future potential sales.

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Track Sales

Now you can track your sales incentives, top customers that constitute a majority of your business and keep awatch on your top and high in demand products.

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Accurate Tax Calculation

Our software solution includes the functionality of automated and accurate tax calculation including GST as applicable.

Smart Options to Record Everything - Inquiries, Prices, Terms, Quotations and Orders

Get complete control on order backlogs, delivery issues, return cases, etc.

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Visibility and Control

Our inventory management software offers inventory control, providing deep insights into business performance and oppotunities.

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Create Professional Invoices

In business, image is extremely important and you know it! No other inventory management software puts so much emphasis on the design of documents.

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Realtime Analysis

Experience realtime insight on availability, stockout, overstock and take correct and advanced steps accordingly and further enhance your business.

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Purchase Order Creation

Take the advantage of automatic purchase order creation which is sync with your requirements keeping an eye on the reports generated.



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