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Manage your Order from Multiple Channels

To analyze sales details and check a more futuristic plan, you can get zone-wise, customer-wise or sale representative-wise reports, as required.

Sales Report Management

Our CRM provides a better and advance sales reporting and improves the work sales team and sale success.

Track Sales Incentives and Commissions

Track the sales report and generate the commission according to the achievement and promotion.

Automatic PO Generation

Calculate the requirement and generate PO automatically with the previous price history of a particular product.

Purchase/Sales Bill Generation

Advance and dynamic sales/purchase bill report generation including appropriate tax.

Stock Management System

Multiple Warehouses Management

Manage multiple warehouse locations at a single platform and manage your inventory efficiently.

Stock Transfer

Easily create a stock transfer between diffrent warehouses. and maintain a stock.

Sort Stock Alert

Alert and notification shoot when minimum stock reached in multiple warehouses.

Stock Material Requisition

Generate automatic request when stock material reaches specific minimum balance and make purchase order against it.



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MD Infosystems Pvt Ltd


MD Infosystems Pvt Ltd