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Comprehensive Stock Control and Effective Expiry Management

Handle minimum and maximum stock holdings, seasonal trends, sales order and works order demand, lead times, costs, last dates and much more.

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Inventory Handling Capabilities

Our exclusive software lets you control all your stock levels. These solutions provide you with a number of tools for assisting you with proper and efficient management and tracking expiration of your inventory dynamically which further results in increased productivity and efficiency.

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Save on Management Costs

Money spent on inventory is money which is not spent on growth. Manage it wisely with the real-time stock management anf regular auditing feature of our software.

stock management

Powerful Expiration Date Tracking

Notify the appropriate responsible executives of the impending expiration at set intervals in advance of the close date.

stock management

Increased Customer Loyalty

Improve your organization’s accuracy and efficiency and keep your customers coming back for more by exactly providing what they’re looking for.



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MD Infosystems Pvt Ltd


MD Infosystems Pvt Ltd