HR and Reporting Manager Reminder Management

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Supervisor/Reporting Manager login access

Our software can generate limited access login accounts as per the comapny's convenience.
You can use various supervisor or reporting manager specific operations such as restricting access according to department, location or employee, enable/disable punch viewing or editing, and enable supervisor to add and edit employee setup files.


HR and Reporting Manager
Reminder Management

Automate workflows and set reminders. HR and reporting manager reminder process can be tailor-made as per the specific requirements of the company and includes the following reminders , for example, and many more :

  • E-mail Reminder
  • SMS Reminder
  • Anniversary Reminder
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Event Reminder

Salary Generation and Distribution

Make salary generation and distribution less complicated and less hectic. Deploy our software to have definable salary heads, dynamic salary components (which are editable) and automated disbursement lists. Keep dynamic records of all the arrears, advance salary and loan/EMI deduction with zero overhead. You also have the advantange of automated preparation and removal of CTCs. To add on more, out software lets you email all the neccesary salary related information to your employees timely.

  • Account details of employee (Bank Name, Ac No, Ifsc Code, Branch, E-mail Id)
  • Employee Id and Name
  • Instrument amount to be transfer as a salary for each employee
  • Cheque number from which amount is to be paid
  • Date of transfer
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    Holiday Pay Settings
    Now Customize your Holidays

    You can create custom holiday dates according to the working schedule of your company and henceforth, automatically keep a record and apply holiday pay on actual work day or the closest weekday as per your convenience.


    TAX Calculation and Submission

    A lot of load will be off your head when you get to know that tax calculations and submissions can be automated with the help of our software. There is no chance of human prone errors. You get the features to perform and create everything from statuary reports, other concerned calculations to TDS estimation and challans.

    Everything Automated :

    • - Tax Slabs
    • - Income Tax Projection
    • - Statutory Reports

    • - Gratuity Calculations
    • - TDS Estimation and Challans
    • - Income Tax Declaration and Submission through Employee ESS Portal



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