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Manage and keep a check on the leaves taken by your employees in just a fraction of minute.

Leave Policy Definition

Set rules and guidelines (such as donation policy, etc.) for decision-making in routine situations so that employees and managers do not need to continually ask senior managers what to do. They allow you to demonstrate good faith that employees will be treated fairly and equally and set a framework for delegation.

Leave Planning Balance

Give your employees an advantage to plan their leaves by providing them with a record of their consumed and remaining leaves along with their types. This also helps the employer to maintain a record which is always up to date.

Managing leaves for your employees will not be a trouble anymore !

Leave Application Responses

Send instant leave responses through our software, that is, approved or rejected along a valid description if required and keep things transparent to an ultimate extent.And yes, you can do this all from a single platform.

Holidays and Restricted Holidays

Provide your employees with a complete and updated list of restricted holidays and also the holidays acquired by the company all assembled at one place. Make your employees forget what confusion is !

leave management

Send Leave Requests
(Through ESS Portal)

Employees can generate and send leave requests with appropriate reasons and details which will be automatically sent to the higher decision-making incharge for further approval or rejection in least possible time consumption.

leave management

Leave Workflow and Reports
Automated and Simplified

Generate leave workflow, leave reports and leave transactions just by an instance of a click which contain 100% accuracy which further builds trust and make things easy for the employer as well as the employees.

leave management

Year/Monthly-End Processing
No manual efforts for processes

The software has the abilities to gather, process and publish all the leaves related data and information at specified intervals of time as per the choice of the employer and norms of the company which can be further shared with the specified users.



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